Sunday, March 22, 2009

CHDK for Canon Photoshot SX10IS Camera

CHDK is a firmware extension for Canon Powershot / Digital IXUS cameras. It enables a broad spectrum of features.

Finally a CHDK version has come out for Canon Photoshot SX10IS Camera ! Its a Autobuild but still thats something. Can add addition features to your Photoshot SX10IS like,

* Shooting in RAW / DNG (Fast SD card is beneficial)
* Live histogram
* Zebra mode
* Shutter speeds from 1/40.000 to 64 seconds
* Scripting interface (uBasic & LUA)
* Games (sokoban & reversi)
* Bracketing
* Timelapse Videos over weeks or months with external power supplies & eye-fi wireless sd cards
* Motion detection with response times of just 60ms or less

Here's the link,

Original version is not bootable but you can make it Bootable without much problem,

Making the CHDK program load automatically at startup for SX10IS

Check samples here result of those cool features


If you want to learn more here's forum link with they talk about this,

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