Monday, August 17, 2009

Canon 58mm Snap-On Lens Cap

If you are a Canon SX10 IS owner who use Lensmate 58mm lens adapter then one problem you face is Canon SX10 IS original lens cap won't work with this 58mm Lens Adapter. So you need to find a new 58mm len cap.If you like to keep everything original and branded then you can buy a Canon Canon E-58U 58mm Snap-On Accessory Lens Cap. It does the job well.

But remember we are talking about Canon SX10 IS and Canon SX1 IS here. This 58mm lens cap is NOT a replacement for the slip on cap that comes with the S2/S3 cameras. It is made for use with an adapter and UV/filter lens. I have seen some people complain about this Lens cap after buying without reading about it. The Canon 58mm lens cap fits the Canon conversion lens adapter which you can use for S5is and other compact cameras.
Only problem this Canon 58mm Lens cap has is there's no strap or a string so that you can attach it to the camera. But you can sort out this with Bower CK501 Lens Cap Keeper. You can buy both from for very cheap. I don't think these can be found cheaper anywhere else.

Here is a photo of Bower CK501 Lens Cap Keeper on a Canon Rebel XSi.Its same for other cameras too.

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