Sunday, February 21, 2010

B+W 58mm UV Filter for Canon Powershot SX60 IS camera

There are soo many filters by many manufacturers, including Nikon, Hoya and Tiffen But I think B+W is the best filter brand you can find. You will find this German made products is the highest quality UV filter you can find on net. B+W 58mm UV Filters might be bit expensive than other brands like Hoya or Tiffen but its well worth the price you pay. You can compare B+W 58mm UV Filter with Hoya SUPER HMC PRO1 Haze UV filter and B+W 58mm UV Filter is slightly better. All other UV filters including other Hoya filters are far away when you compare the quality. It has Brass Ring for higher Quality Image and Highest possible polishing technique. Also World's best optical glass and New thinner Pro mount. No vignetting.

Photographers tend to debate the protection aspect of UV filters. Some say it will degrade an image to a certain extent and can increase the likelihood of lens flare. These are legitimate concerns that can be minimized with a quality lens filter like B+W 58mm UV Filter. This is the best UV filter you can find for your Canon Powershot SX60 IS camera.

Ah don't forget you need a Filter adapter to mount this filter into your camera. Since this is a 58mm filter you need a 58mm Filter Adapter. You can use these for all Canon bridge cameras but if you have a latest one like SX60 you can also consider those 67mm adapter and filters.

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