Thursday, February 11, 2010

Macro photography - One Hour Course

When I got my Canon Powershot SX10 IS camera, I was soo happy about its 20x super zoom lens I wanted to take photos of birds and things far away. But later while I was ordering 58mm Filter adapter I ordered this Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Conversion Lens which I thought something interesting to play with. I had no idea about macro photography at that time. My first macro photo was an ant. That's the day I realized there is a tiny world out there which is filled with interesting things. Since then I have been soo addicted to Macro Photography. I have learned a lot and still learning about it.

My first Macro Photo : More > My Flickr 

If you want to learn about basics of Macro Photography then there is one hour article you can read. It was written by LordV who is a member of forum. His post contain all basic things you should know about Macro Photography such as Equipment, Lighting, Focusing and everything else you need to know. Its a great article about Macro Photography which is worth reading.

Few of his great Macro Photos,


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