Friday, October 1, 2010

YinYan CY-20 Flash for Canon SX10 IS Camera and Canon SX20

Well I know the best flash for Canon SX20 or SX10 is Canon Speedlite 270 EX. But it cost around $130 at least so I don't want to have a expensive Flash for my Canon SX10 IS camera. I was looking for cheaper flashes when I found this YinYan CY-20 Flash. You can buy this from Ebay for around $20. I had bought it from Ebay and received it few days ago.
First thing I noticed was this flash has no weight. Its light like a toy. And there are no controls. You only have 2 buttons. one for test and other for no/off. If you are looking for alternative for Speedlite 270 EX and expect same power then this is not for you. 
I don't this gives much more than what you get from Canon SX10 IS cameras internal Flash. Still for me this flash is not something worthless. I'm a Macro Photo freak. I love taking macro photos of flowers and insects. One of the biggest problems you have with this camera when you try to take macro photos is Internal Flash is built too close to the camera so light doesn't spread through the photo correctly. You always get a darker bottom. With this cheap YinYan CY-20 Flash you can get this problem sorted out. Another cool thing is you can turn the flash light upto 90 degrees!
If you are looking for a more powerful flash like Canon Speedlite 270 EX thing you have to look for another alternative.  such as 
 YinYan CY-20 Flash Specifications -
  • Light Index ISO100 GN20m
  • Effective irradiation angle (horizontal × vertical) 60 ° × 40 °
  • Power 2 5 batteries (alkaline) or rechargeable batteries
  • Call back time  5-7S
  • Flash duration 1/1000S
  • Color temperature 5600k
  • Size 65 × 60 × 98mm
  • Weight 100g  

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