Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A great Adapter + Filter Combo deal

Every user of Canon super-zoom camera like Canon SX10, Canon SX20, Canon SX30 etc needs to have a filter adapter and protector filter. When you take these 2 items you need a new lens cap too since You can't use original lens cap with filter adapter or other filters. Also If you are experienced  camera user then you might add a Circular Polarizer Filter to this list too. This set of accessories can cost you $50 - $100 if you buy each item separately. Each of these items can cost at least $10 each. $50 not a big amount but if you save some and add another item to your list it would be great. Like if you can get all these accessories for lets say $20 and you can invest balance $30 for tripod and it would be great. Or you can buy couple of extra batteries or a memory card.
So now you have a really opportunity to do it ! There is a Amazon deal which let you  buy all these items for just $19 with free shipping ! This is an amazing deal and you get accessories listed below,
  • 67mm Filter Adapter.
  • 67mm Snap-on Lens Cap.
  • 67MM Pro1D SMC UV Filter.
  • Pro1D CPL Filter
The offer has been rated by 6 Amazon customers and all 6 of them have given 5 star ratings. So this along shows how good is the offer. Usually at least 1 person would give letter rating. So here is a great chance to buy a good 67mm filter adapter, UV filter, CPL filter and 67mm lens cap for cheap with free shipping.

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