Friday, June 7, 2013

Lens Protector for Canon SX50 Camera

Canon SX50 Camera is a expensive tool when it comes to point and shoot camera. If you have bought one or going to buy one then  you are going to do a $350+ investment. This is a superzoom bridge camera so the most important part of Canon SX50 is it's 50x lens. If your lens get damaged the whole camera become useless. You might able to repair it by sending to Canon Factory but this can cost you nearly same amount you paid for the camera. Not a great option, does it ? So how you can protect your Canon SX50 camera lens from accident scratches and cracks ?

The cheapest and best way is buying a Lens protector filter along with your SX50 Camera. This is nothing special. It's just a UV filter which will take the damage and save your camera lens. A UV filter cost you only around $20 so it's far more better solution and spending 200-300 USD to repair your camera. All you have to do is mount the UV filter with a filter adapter and then your camera is ready for most outdoor trips you can think of. Also It will keep your lens safe from dust and sand.

Remember you will need to have filter adapter to mount filters on your Canon SX50 camera. There are 2 types of adapters 67mm filter adapter and 58mm filter adapter. Size of UV filter you need to buy depends on your adapter size. 58mm adapter is the cheaper option but I think its better for go 67mm filter adapter. It's bigger and pretty solid. Also Canon has made an filter adapter specifically for Canon SX50 and rest of the superzoom bridge cameras like Canon SX40, Canon SX30 etc. There must be a practical reason for choose 67mm size over 58mm.

Also remember t buy a Lens cap depending on which size adapter and filter you are going to buy. Original Canon SX50 lens cap won't fit with these 2 adapters so you need a new one. But it cost you onlly $5 - $10. not really expensive item. You can add len hood to this list too must not many people use lens hood these days. I don't. Lens hood doesn't make any different for compact camera like this.

There are so many different types and qualities of UV filters. Price can be range from $5 to $100. You don't need an ultra expensive filter for your camera. Just buy good one around $20 or less. You can find plenty of good options at Amazon. But don't forget to read customer reviews. Hoya and B+W are great filter brand. Both brands are good but B+W filters are usually expensive and superior in quality.

This set of  accessories (UV Filter, Filter Adapter, lens Cap) will cost you extra $30 - $50 depending on the quality but spending this will be an very good investment than risking your expensive camera.

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