Monday, June 15, 2009

Canon PowerShot A590 IS

Canon PowerShot A590 IS

Few days ago one for my friends ask me to do a research to find a perfect digital camera for her. Her requirements were,

  • Has to be a cheap camera something around 200 usd
  • Good indoor and outdoor photos
  • Small size
  • Easy to use
The Digital camera which came to my mind first was Canon Powershot A580. Which you can get for around 150$ a brand new one and a refurbished one as low as 75$ ! But I thought its better recommend the Canon PowerShot A590 IS Because its Image Stabilizer feature. For someone who don't use Camera for everyday its a great help to get great Photos. Also you can find it for around 200$ and a refurbished one for even around 150$.

Why Canon PowerShot A590 IS is great -

  • easy to use
  • excellent image quality
  • Lightweight/Portable
  • Bright LCD
  • Image Stabilizer
  • Features worth the price
  • Manual modes
Cons might be these -

  • Short battery life ( Usual for point & shoot cameras - Keep extra AA rechargebles)
That's the only noticeable bad thing about Canon A590IS is short battery life if you use with flash. but its just common among all point & shoot digital cameras. Since you can use Rechargeable AA batteries for this digital camera (2 AA's) you can keep extra sets of batteries if you want to take photos for hours. You might find some users complaining about bad image quality and bad indoor performance but all those are because their lack of knowledge or experience using the camera.

Specifications of the Canon Powershot A590 IS -

Sensor : 1/2.5" CCD

Resolution : 8.00 Megapixels

Lens : 4x zoom (35-140mm)

Viewfinder : Optical / LCD

LCD Size : 2.5 inch

ISO : 80-1600

Memo. Type : SDHC / SD

Battery : 2 x AA

Weight : 7.8 oz (221 g)

Shutter : 15-1/2000

Aperture : 2.6 - 5.5

Aperture : 2.6 - 5.5

The 4x optical zoom lens offers slightly more zoom than the average point-and-shoot digital camera, covering a range equivalent to 35-140mm on a 35mm camera. In addition to the 4x optical zoom, the PowerShot A590 IS features another 4x of digital zoom, which does a decent job of maintaining image quality despite the digital enlargement.

You can make videos and also it has manual focus and other manual options too. So if you are looking for a low price Point & Shoot camera Canon Powershot A590 IS is one of the best you can go for.

If you want to take great photos from Any digital camera first you have to understand the camera and its features. You have to know the cameras strong points and weak points. Same apply for Canon Powershot A590 IS. You can simply take photos right away but you can have better quality photos if you know what are you doing. So read the manual and also read about the A590 IS online. Take lot of photos under various light conditions and compare them. You will find how great your Canon Photoshot A590 IS is.


  1. One of my friends bought an A590 IS and it seems to be a great camera for its price.

  2. Now you can find this camera for around 120 even. at great camera for small things but not good as Canon photoshot SX10 IS. But still you have a low budget then A590 your best choice.