Monday, July 27, 2009

Lens protector for Canon SX10 IS Camera

Canon SX10 IS cameras 560 mm Lens is great but its a built in lens so you need to be careful about it. a crack or scratch on lens would be the end of your camera. So Its better use a Lens protector for your SX10 IS. There aren't anything specifically made has lens protectors for SX10 IS camera. But you can use a Good UV filter for this. Hoya 58mm UV (Ultra Violet) Multi Coated Glass Filter could be a good choice for this since you can buy it around 25 usd from
Remember you need to buy a Lansmate filter adapter for this too. Another wise UV filter won't fit in. Lasmate adapter can be bought only from their own site. Their stuff are bit expensive but thats the only choice we have for filter adapter. You can find UV flter and other filters for more cheaper price in

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