Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS LCD Screen Protector

One of the greatest fractures of Canon Powershot SX10 IS digital camera is its superb LCD screen. You are gonna get used this bight LCD screen after without a double. Powershot SX10 IS LCD screen has an anti-reflective coating that can scratch very easily. Canon PowerShot SX10 IS ClearTouch Anti-Glare Screen Protector is the perfect solution for it because it will save your cameras LCD screen. It comes with installation instructions and also fit nicely. This LCD screen protector doesn't affect the brightness of the screen which is a great benefit. Also it can be reusable and can be washed and dried. So if you are someone like me who worried about the safety of your Canon PowerShot SX10 IS cameras LCD Screen then this is the perfect solution.Also this Canon PowerShot SX10 IS LCD Screen Protector cost you only 7$.

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