Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Externally mounted Flash for Canon SX10 IS

Externally mounted Flash for Canon SX60
Canon Speedlite 90EX
Update - Now there is this Canon Speedlite 90EX Flash which is cheaper than all other Canon Flashes out there.  It's not exactly powerful as Canon Speedlite 270EX so not exactly great for indoor photos. But it cost you only around $50 so it might be a cheap addition to your Canon SX60 or any other Canon Bridge camera accessory list.
If you want your photos more cleaner and natural you have to use a externally mounted flash for your Canon Powershot SX10 IS or Canon Powershot SX1 IS. Both cameras has same hot shoe which is compatible for both E-TTL and E-TTL 2 type external Flashes but some models might not work. Canon SX10 IS and SX1 IS manuals recommend mainly Canon Speedlite 220EX, Canon Speedlite 430 EX 2 and Canon Speedlite 580 EX2 for this cameras but also mention few other Canon Speedlite flashes which will work with Sx10 IS and SX1 IS cameras.
If you are looking for Off Camera flash for Canon SX10 IS better Buy one of these Canon recommended flashes because you won't get refunds for mistakes. Canon Speedlite external flashes are not cheap but these are the best Externally mounted Flash you can get for your SX10 IS camera.
Canon Recommended Externally mounted Flash for Canon SX10 Is Camera
Canon Speedlite 220EX -
Canon Speedlite 220EX is the cheapest and all round best External flash for Canon powershop SX10 IS and SX1 IS. This is one of 3 externally mounted flashes Canon SX10 IS manual recommended.
  • Recycle time is 0.1 to 4.5 seconds
  • Flash range is 2.3 to 63 feet ( Less than this )
  • Flash capacity is 250 to 1,700
  • 4 AA batteries
Canon Speedlite 220EX is smaller, lighter and less expensive than other Canon flashes. If you are looking for perfect flash for your Canon sx10 is camera this is the one.
Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash -
Canon Speedlite 430EX II is the next one in list of Canon recommended external flashes for Canon Powershop SX10 IS camera. This flash is more powerful , bit heavier and Also expensive than Canon Speedlite 220EX. It would cost you around 250$-290$.
A metal foot with a twist-lock that holds it totally securely to the top of the camera. Canon Speedlite 430EX II can be rotated both vertically and horizontal, and can be operated fully ETTL automatically or manually. A great Master Flash which is recommended by both Canon and also by many great photographers.
Canon Speedlite 580EX II -
Canon Speedlite 580EX II is the most expensive, heaviest and most powerful External flash which recommended by Canon for SX10 IS camera. With a price tag like 480$ it is even expensive than SX10 IS camera it self.
If you are looking for a good flash for your Canon Powershot sx10 is then best choice for you is Canon Speedlite 220EX. Its lighter and less expensive. There are non branded cheaper external flashes but they might damage your camera so be careful when you pick a Flash for your SX10 is or SX1 IS.

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  1. Hi, thanks for this great review. I just got the 430 EX II AFTER finding this blog, but I think I will stick with it, despite it being a lil heavier.