Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cheap Slave Flashes for Canon Photoshot SX10 IS Camera
In Canon SX10 IS Manual they recommend 3 of their own flashs, Canon Speedlite 220EX, Canon Speedlite 430EX II and Canon Speedlite 580EX II. All these Canon Flashs are superb and work great. Only problem is their prices. all of them are above 100$ mark which might be too much for someone who look for less expensive things for their SX10 IS camera. After a quick research in Amazon I found few external flashes which are not so expensive. But all of them are slave flashes. Prices start from 20$ which is too low or a good flash but you can test thing at your own risk. I was told some had good result but who knows.
Cameta Digital Slave Flash (50$-60$) : (Not Avaliable)
Have seem some good reviews about Cameta Digital Slave Flash and its seems good for its price which is around 50$-60$. Fully compatible with Canon PowerShot Digital Cameras and nearly all other Digital Cameras with tripod-socket including: Casio, Epson, Fuji Finepix, HP, Kodak Easyshare, Minolta DiMAGE, Nikon Coolpix, Olympus Stylus, Panasonic, Pentax Optio, Ricoh and Sony Cybershot Digital Cameras.

Pro Digital Auto Slave Flash (20$-30$):

Pro Digital Auto Slave Flash comes with Bracket Set for Canon PowerShot A480, E1, SX110, A2100, A2000, A1100, A1000, SX200, SX10, SX1, SD780, SD880, SD990, SD970, SD960, SD1200, G10, D10 Cameras. Another good slave flash for your SX10 to use with. You can read more details as Amazon. I saw this Flash for around 20$ at Amazon.


Phoenix D92-BZS Digital Slave Flash (60$-70$):

Phoenix D92-BZS Digital Slave Flash is another slave flash I saw while looking for cheap external flash for Canon SX10 IS camera. I don't know much about this flash but its within to range you can call cheap. Phoenix D92-BZS Digital Auto Flash Product Description says it bounces, zooms and swivels. Also says it has a hot shoe so that it can be fired from the camera too. Check the link for more details

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