Tuesday, March 9, 2010

42-Inch Weifeng Lightweight Aluminum Tripod

 42-Inch Weifeng WT-3110A Lightweight Aluminum Tripod is the tripod I use as my travel tripod. It weights nothing. Also pretty good built. $8 you can't have a better one. But there is one problem with this 42-Inch Weifeng Lightweight Aluminum Tripod, That is you don't have a bull head for this tripod and you can't use one. You have to keep the camera fixed to tripod which you ends your shoot. That's the only bad thing I can tell about this Lightweight Aluminum Tripod.

But I think there are few better Lightweight Aluminum Tripods which you should consider before going for ultra cheap tripod like this. This one is perfectly ok for smaller cameras like Canon Powershot SX10 IS. But if you want to use it for bigger cameras then there are other little bit expensive but better quality tripods you should check. There are several light weight tripods you can buy around $30 which would be a better choice. Specially because of bull head problem. Here few good Lightweight Aluminum Tripods you should check. You can find all reviews and prices about these at Amazon.com.

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