Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Janco Flash Softbox Diffuser for the Canon Powershot SX10 IS

Janco Flash Softbox Diffuser

Janco Flash Softbox Diffuser is always a useful tool if you take pictures in internal rooms or portrait images. It disperses the light and provides a smooth and soft illumination without reflections. The softbox of this diffuser has a structured and silver-colored surface to allow the best possible dispersion of light. Due the diffuse emission surface, the illumination is very soft.

Janco Flash Softbox Diffuser   can be build together with a few hand moves. Due to an easy to apply strap with a hook-and-loop fastener, it can be mounted on the camera's flash very easily. Thank to its tight construction the diffuser fits very well for integrated flash guns of smaller DSLRs. With this diffuser you will always keep the right equipment for a soft illumination with you. Folded it is very small and handy. It can easily be transported with the included case. 

For $12 I think its pretty good. Its not something you can say highest quality but acceptable and worth for price. Also you can check  Sto-Fen OMEW Omni-Bounce Diffuser at Amazon which would be good if you have a external Flash of Canon Speedlite range.

Here's Opteka SB-1 Mini Universal Studio Soft Box Flash Diffuser which is similar to the Janco Flash Softbox Diffuser . Difference is Janco Flash Softbox Diffuser is for built in Flashes.

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