Monday, March 29, 2010

Slik Mini Pro 3 Tabletop Travel Mini Tripod

If you are looking for a Mini Travel Tripod then Slik Mini Pro 3 is ideal for you. This is a small, light weight but soild tripod with a ball head. You can use this for your Canon SX10 IS camera and also with bigger DSLR cameras. Slik Mini Pro 3 Tabletop Travel Mini Tripods compact size gives it a huge advantage. You can keep it in bag or keep it fixed to the camera. It's a very sturdy tripod, with expandable legs and a raisable center column.
When folded, the SLIK MINI series tripods are about the size of standard telephoto lens, meaning they can be carried in your camera bag all the time so tripod support is always at hand!Besides its traditional use as a tripod, the SLIK MINI series have another great feature, the ability to use the tripod as a "Chest-Pod" camera support. To use it as a chest-pod, first loosen the locking collar around the center column, pull out (raise) the center column at least one inch and tighten. Then, with the legs spread, place the feet of the legs against your upper chest. Loosen the tripod head and position the camera so you can see through the viewfinder comfortably. Customers have given all postive reviews and ratings for this Slik Mini Pro 3 Tripod. Check read more about this nice mini tripod.
Slik Tabletop Travel Tripod

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