Saturday, December 25, 2010

Canon Powershot SX30 IS Camera

Canon Powershot SX30 IS Camera
Update (02/07/2015)  - The latest model of Canon Bridge camera series is Canon Powershot SX60 HS which has a 65x optical zoom. You can find more details about that camera >> here <<.

I think my Canon SX10 IS Camera has become a grand father because of the new Canon SX30 IS Camera. It's been few months since Canon SX30 Camera has come out and it has already become a quite a hit. Maybe not as the peek time of Canon SX10 Camera. If you are comparing Canon SX30 with Canon SX10 You can notice these changes,

  • New Canon SX30 Camera has 35x wide-angle optical zoom (24-840mm) with Optical Image Stabilizer while Canon SX10 has only 20x wide-angle optical zoom (28-560mm) with Optical Image Stabilizer. Now that's a LOT ! I'm so jealous about this ..(No offense to my SX10, It's a good camera).
  • Canon SX30 IS Camera use Lithium-ion NB-7L Battery unlike Canon SX10 which use 4 AA batteries. I have admit this is a good move by Canon. AA batteries doesn't last long. I know this well after using my SX10 for over 2 years by now.
  • Now price is the funny thing. Canon SX10 is still priced as $539 at Amazon while New Canon SX30 is only $369.
  • There is a new Zoom Framing Assist button in Canon SX30 Camera. This can come handy.
  • Canon SX30 Camera is 14 Mega Pixel while Canon SX10 IS Camera is only 10 Mega pixels. But this is not a big deal unless you want to print huge size photos. 
So I guess if you want a new camera then go for the Canon SX30 Camera which sounds great But if you already have a Canon SX10 or Canon SX20 Camera then there is no need to upgrade.


    1. I'm glad for the switch to lithium ion batteries!

    2. NB-7L Batteries are really good. Lot better than rechargeable AA batteries.