Thursday, December 25, 2014

Buying A Canon SX60 Bundle

Buying Canon SX60 Bundle

These days you can find any online stores offer you these Camera Bundle packages. I know these offers looks pretty cool and cost effective comparing with total cost of accessories if you buy separate. But the Problem is these accessories you get with bundles are worth even that cheap price ?

For example this Canon SX60 Bundle shown in Above image ( More details HERE  ) can be found on Amazon for 519 usd. It has most vital accessories for your Canon SX60 camera. Like a camera bag, Mini Tripod, Spare battery, Memory card and a card reader and more items. All these items are very useful and you would use them sooner or later. This package packs two most important items, a 67mm filter adapter and 67mm UV lens filter. 

You muct have a UV lens filter because it works as lens protector and keep your expensive camera lens safe from all kinds of accidents. Better replace a $20 filter than $500 camera, don't you think ?

Anyway one problem with this bundle is the SDHC memory card. Now it's an unbranded card with no mention of the speed class. When you have a camera like this you need to have a fastest memory card in market or at least fast one. Fastest in market right now is class10 and We can be sure this one is nowhere near. 

Another thing is the battery. You need to keep spare battery with your camera. If you rarely use it then you don't need but if you are someone who want to use it for week long vacations then you must have two batteries. cheap batteries like this might not work well or hold power long. You have to find ether Canon battery or something with good reviews.

So when you buy a camera there are several accessories you should buy separate.
  • 67mm Lens Adapter.
  • 67mm UV Filter.
  • SDHC Memory Card.
  • Spare Battery.
It's Important buying these items with little bit of research. Those comes with bundles might be too old and outdated. 

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