Monday, June 9, 2014

Lens Hood for Canon SX50

Lens Hood for Canon SX50

Not everyone want to use UV filter for their Canon SX50 as protector. Some do think it can effect the photo quality. It can if the filter is a bad quality cheap one. Also you need to buy a filter adapter if you want to fix a UV filter to your Canon SX series camera.But keeping the Lens protected is important too. So the only other thing you can do is using a good lens hood for your expensive bridge camera.

Latest SX series cameras like Canon SX30, Canon SX40 or Canon SX50 doesn't come with a Canon Lens hood so you need to buy one separate. Not everyone buy it but if you prefer a Lens Hood to UV filter then you should get one which custom build for these cameras. If not then you will need a to use 58m or 67mm filter with a same size Filter adapter. That can cost you at least around $30. So this one is the cheaper solution even thought it won't give you a full protection from dust like when you use with a filter.

So here's a low cost lens hood from Amazon which can be mount of any Canon SX cameras from Canon SX10 to SX50. It's a custom build so it would fit the groove type threads these cameras have. Also it cost you only  around $7 with shipping and everything. It's same as Canon LH-DC60 Lens Hood ( Here) which is recommend by Canon for their SX cameras in this series but cost you only half of Canon hoods price.

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