Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fujifilm FinePix S8600 - Cheapest Bridge Camera

Fujifilm FinePix S8600 is the cheapest bridge camera available in market today. If you want a camera with quality images and a bigger telephoto lens than a regular point and shoot camera but also cheaper than average ultrazoom camera in market then, here's your choice. You can buy this model for less than $150 from Amazon. Yes, If you have been search for a camera like this then you should know it's really impossible to find a high-end camera for price like that.

So if you want to know specifications, FinePix S8600 has a FUJINON lens with 36x optical zoom which is equivalent to 25-900mm. maybe it's not top notch and latest when it comes to lens since a camera like Canon SX60 has more than 60x optical zoom but price tag is more than 3 times high. Also it has a decent 16MP 1/2.3in CCD sensor. There is a 3 inch LCD screen but sadly no view finder.

Videos are not bad either, you get HD movies at 720p/30fps. After all you can't ask for more than this from a camera like this. If you want a better quality videos such as HD 1080p then better look at other models like Panasonic Lumix FZ70, which would cost you many $50 more.

Camera uses three AA batteries which will let you take around 260 - 300 photos. This will depends on things like image quality and use of flash. Best option is  using set of rechargeable batteries for this. Panasonic BK-3MCCA4BA Eneloop AA rechargeable battery set would cost you less than $15 and also these batteries last long. There are many other brands and you can get those even for cheaper. But I know from years of experience Eneloop batteries are the best and last longest.

When I posted about this camera last year it was under $150. I have yet to see a camera with better offer. So still this is great for anyone who need a cheap bridge camera. If you are looking for a good camera for your kid who want to learn about photography then FinePix S8600 is a pretty option for you. Also if you are looking for nice family camera for good price then again this is your choice.

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