Thursday, January 8, 2015

Canon SX60 Filter Adapter

Canon SX60 Filter Adapter

If you have already bought a Canon SX60 camera then you must have released you can't attached other lenses or filters to lens barrel. Mounting lenses it a different story but if you want to attach a lens filter then you need to buy a Canon SX60 Filter Adapter. When I first started this blog for my Canon SX10 camera there's were no Canon filter adapters which could use so I  had to use one of those third party adapters. 

But now Canon has already released a custom build filter adapter for their Bridge cameras so you can buy that one. Canon FA 2DDC67A Filter Adapter is  little expensive, cost you around $30 so you can find an alternative for that. The best one I found is Bower 67 mm Adapter Tube for Canon bridge cameras. It cost you only around $8 so like three times cheaper than Canon filter adapter. You can see the current price in image you left side with current price at Amazon. I have bought these several times and never paid more than $10.  You can save little money this way and use that money to buy few other accessories which are really useful with your SX60.

All my old filters are 58mm because those days there were not custom 67mm filters for these cameras. I can't complain about those but Not exactly I feel great about those. I don't recommend those anymore since you can get that Bower 67mm adapter for cheaper.

Because if you are going to my a 67mm Adapter then You will need a 67mm lens cap too because the original one won't fit. Also since you are getting adapter you will need few filters too. Specially a UV filter. 

Accessories for Canon SX60
  • 67mm Filter Adapter.
  • 67mm Lens Cap.
  • 67mm Lens Hood.
  • 67mm UV filter (for lens protection).
  • Raynox DCR-250 Macro filter.
One thing to remember is you can't attach external lenses to SX60 or any other Canon Bridge Cameras. All these cameras have inbuilt lenses and lens barrels can't take the weight of heavy lens. These cameras are made to use as alternative for DSLR cameras with expensive lenses.

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