Saturday, January 10, 2015

Canon SX60 vs DSLR Cameras

Canon SX60 vs DSLR Cameras

 Canon SX60 vs DSLR Camera is a popular topic I have seen in many camera related forums. Everyone want to find out which would be the better choice, Going for Entry level DSLR or this bridge camera. Well there are no simple straight forward answers for this.

First thing is what type of camera you want. If you an experienced photographer who know basics of photography then I think you should go straight for DSLR if you have enough funds. But if you are new to photography and plan to learn SX60 or any other bridge camera would be good too.

Budget is one of the biggest factors here. If you can't spend more than $500 for your camera then best option you have is getting a bridge camera. a Canon SX50 HS or Canon SX60 HS would be great. Both these cameras are similar to a DSLR camera in many ways.

If you want to get a DSLR camera you need at least a budget around $1000. A good entry level DSLR like Canon EOS Rebel T5 for $600 and also old model from other brands like Sony for cheaper. You will able to get a lens along with the camera most of the time but there are other things you will have to buy. Like a External Flash which can cost you another $200 or more extra battery which will cost at least $50 and  big camera bag.

These bridge cameras have built-in lens which usually can take great photos. New SX50 and SX60 cameras has lens which is equal to more than 1000mm telephoto lens. Also These cameras can take great Macro photos too. Everything else is cheaper too.

If you have no experience in Photography and want to start learning then take a Bridge camera or cheaper DSLR camera like Sony A3000 with a 18-55mm Lens with you can get for around $250 from Amazon with free shipping (Here). Unfortunately that offer available only for those who can buy from there so just check in local stores and see if they have any good offers. I don't recommend buying used DSLR cameras or used interchangeable lenses. Those might have faults or defects and no way to get a refund if those items stop working.

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